Today’s freebie is a set of Facebook Profile covers to remind us and others of what our Prophet Muhammad (saw) meant to us – who he was. These are made based on text from an article written by Shiekh Yahya Ibrahim (Orginal Article) about the Prophet of Islam – Prophet Muhammad (peace and mercy be on him).

Go ahead download, use as facebook profile cover and share! (click on image to open the large size facebook profile cover)

Please share the good word.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Profile Covers – Muhammad”

  1. I don’t want to go in details in the movie (produced on) Mohammad S.A.W.W; but being an his UM-MATTI I strongly favor the protest from all other MUSLIMS of the universe.

    1. The best things that each of us can do at individual level is the follow his example and internalise his teachings in all aspects of our lives. May Allah guide us all to be better muslims inshaAllah.

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