Connect with players and coaches. Showcase your performance and move ahead with your passion! Player Cloud is a unique platform specially catered to players with a vision to provide some direction to the otherwise unstructured sports ecosystem. Key Features: Player and Coach profiles catered to showcasing their skillset. Intro Video for each player to showcase … Read more


The iDRAK app allows you to read books from IIIT on your phone. The app is a multilingual book reader app, providing interface and books in these four languages – Azerbaijani, Tajik, Russian and Ukrainian. There are two components to the project – the mobile app (both IOS & Android) and the admin panel. The … Read more


A ride-sharing app built with a strong foundation. Wazn has been built around the unique business logic of the company with complete set of customer apps and driver app. The app allows passengers to see drivers online (around him/her) and book a ride, while getting an estimate of how much it would cost him to … Read more