The iDRAK app allows you to read books from IIIT on your phone. The app is a multilingual book reader app, providing interface and books in these four languages - Azerbaijani, Tajik, Russian and Ukrainian. There are two components to the project - the mobile app (both IOS & Android) and the admin panel. The web based admin panel allows the admin to upload new books into the system. These books are available by the users on their app to be downloaded and read at their convenience. The system supports books in both epub and pdf formats. The epub format allowing greater customization for users while reading the book.
  • My Books is a quick link to books you have read before. You can also see which books have been bookmarked by you here.
  • ALL BOOKS shows all books by IIIT and can be filtered by their category. LATEST BOOKS shows the newly released books on the app.
  • The app interface is multilingual, allowing users to choose from Russian, Azerbaijani, Ukranian and Tajik Languages.
  • Bookmarks allow you to keep a bookmark in the book you are reading for your reference.
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  • Skills:

    Mobile App

  • Project Date:

    October 16, 2017