Project Description

Prices of daily commodities is something that people in India need to keep track of with the rising prices and high inflation rates. The Onion App by GraphicWeave does exactly that.
Onion provides an easy way to track updated wholesale process of agricultural products sold on the government regulated mandis/markets in India.
The Onion app has been built for the common man, allowing him to view the prices of the basic commodities like vegetables and fruits in a user friendly manner. The rates are got from the Government portal and are updated regularly.
The rates provided by the portal are not updated daily for ALL the mandis/markets – so Onion saves the data so the most current prices that are available for all products are available for users.
Once the app is downloaded, the user selects his mandi/market once and is able to view the current prices of items per kg. Not only that, Onion gives cues to the user by showing a rise or decrease in the price of the item, giving them a view of what items are a good buy.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Ionic 2 Framework


Mobile App


General Public

Project Date:

December 1, 2016

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