A ride-sharing app built with a strong foundation. Wazn has been built around the unique business logic of the company with complete set of customer apps and driver app. The app allows passengers to see drivers online (around him/her) and book a ride, while getting an estimate of how much it would cost him to take the ride. The ride request is sent to the closest driver, and if he accepts, the passenger gets a confirmation with details of his driver and the estimated time of drivers arrival. Once the ride starts, the driver and passenger have the route, estimated time of travel. The passenger can also see in the app places of interest around him while he is traveling. The WAZN app allows passengers to make payment via cash/credit card/GCash account. TECHNOLOGY STACK Front-end tech stack:
  • For building Web UI components, we've used React. Grommet UI framework to be precise.
  • For mobile apps: React Native + Kotlin
Backend tech stack:
  • A polyglot server: We used Go, Kotlin, node.js.
  • For graph data: Neo4J
  • For data storage: RethinkDB, CockroackDB
  • For time based data: InfluxDb
  • For realtime data updates: Deepstream
  • For storing secrets: Hashicorp's Vault backed by etcd
  • For microservices: Kong API gateway with Apache Cassandra
  • For geofence: Tile38
  • For auth server: We've used Kong API gateway's OAuth 2.0 plugin
  • For scheduling: we've used Quartz enterprise scheduler.
  • For caching data: Redis + Aerospike
  • Load balancing: HAPRoxy,
  • For log replication: Apache Kafka
  • For worker queues: RabbitMQ
  • For push notifications: OneSignal API
For communication between clients and the servers:
  • HTTP
  • GraphQL
  • WebSockets
  • gRPC (Protocol buffers)
  • NATS (Protocol buffers)
The WAZN app is yet to launch and is currently in its BETA release. You can download the BETA release!
  • Skills:

    Mobile App

  • Client:


  • Project Date:

    August 11, 2017

  • Project URL: