Update your website easily!

Updating your website got as easy as using Microsoft Word!

Introducing WordPress!

People access your website more often if  you have new content to share. That’s why its very important to keep  your website updated! How easy would it be if you could update your website just like typing into Microsoft Word?

Well today’s article is to share with you the joy of being able to update your website easily! Check this out:

Yes! Its as easy as it looks. You can edit/change existing text, add more information very easily! Format the text to your liking – bold, italic, underlined, crossed out… Click Update and you are done! And its not just the text – you can add images, flash files, audio, video and other files that you might want to share!

And doing this requires no HTML knowledge at all! You don’t need to worry about FTPing files on the server. You only need to focus on the content that you are to update your site with!

And this can be done, if your websites are developed using WordPress.

Now what is WordPress?

WordPress was initially designed as a blogging platform but today is a robust CMS – Content Management System. Built using PHP and MySQL, WordPress today is used by over 14% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites. WordPress is optimized for easy publishing and changing content, making updating your websites extremely easy!

Here at GraphicWeave, we have created multiple sites using WordPress and to just give you the idea of what we have done check these two examples:

  • ZunaGash – www.zunagash.com an online magazine which allows authors to add their articles themselves (as easily as using Microsoft Word).
  • Little Wonders – www.thelittlewonders.com a school website offering online education. Staff can update general information and modules for various student groups, which are accessible to registered parents based on the group their child belongs to.

Round the world, people are using WordPress to meet their website needs.  Check the variety of sites done using WordPress:

So in case you are planning on a new website, or changing the old one – make you your don’t trade in for a static site.  Own a website that people love to come back to! Get WordPress!


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