We are hiring!

GraphicWeave is hiring!

Call for a UI/UX designer!

We, at GraphicWeave are looking for someone who’ll design the face of our products. If you have that eye for detail and can deliver quality mockups for our websites and mobile apps, please feel free to join us and work with passion

in an environment where no one stops you from growing into a cutting edge professional.

The bare minimum that you should have (or at least most of what you should have)

  • UI/UX design sense and aesthetics. Your designs should be practical, beautiful and should accommodate different sized devices. That is a must!
  • Expertise in mockup or prototyping tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Sketch or any other equivalent tool.


You should know the difference between a UI designer and a front end developer. That is also a must!

Call for a Front End Developer!

We, at GraphicWeave are also looking for an individual who can code for the web and deliver outstanding content by working with our front end team. You’ll usually be responsible for converting designs into actual form or simply building great looking websites. We’re very open and excited about technologies in general and would love if you ever wanted to try out a new technology or a workflow.

The skills that you should have (or at least most of what you should have)

  • HTML/CSS is your stronghold. You have a great knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and face no difficulty in making responsive web pages and websites.
  • Styling using preprocessors like SASS, SCSS, LESS, Stylus or any other.
  • JavaScript. You should be well versed with JavaScript and you can leverage JS to make highly dynamic and functional web pages. (jQuery is good but that’s not all there is to JavaScript!)
  • Familarity with git and version control.

Optional – Familiarity with build tools that will help and ease your workflow such as Gulp or Webpack.

Of course, it would be wonderful if you think and can apply for both of these roles at once too!

Work experience is preferred, sadly. But it certainly isn’t a bar for the right person.


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