Our team of skilled professionals excels in creating high-quality web applications, mobile app development and custom software. Whether you require responsive web development software or a scalable enterprise solution, or a website we have the expertise to deliver results.

Your software development partner

With our engineers well versed in different combinations of Golang, Python, JavaScript and other languages and experience in multitude of underlying platforms, IDEs, APIs, databases and frameworks, we possess a breadth of technical expertise rare for a software development partner. 

Give the tech advantage to your new ideas or transformation projects


We craft our user interfaces with delicate attention using HTML, CSS and our deep knowledge of JavaScript and JavaScript based frameworks. Our designs are web and mobile friendly with a keen attention to detail. As the UI gets bigger, so do our tools. In our day to day lives, we use React.js and Angular.js to create amazing experiences for your users.


We also build great mobile applications. We specialise in building native as well as cross platform apps that are a treat to use and with an array of metric and analytical data that’ll help target your users even more.

We specialise in Kotlin, Java and JavaScript to make any device ready Android and iOS apps

We’re really confident in Golang, JavaScript, Rust and Java based backend solutions for our clients and products. Depending on the need of a project, we easily switch from a relational or SQL database to a non relational or NoSQL database or to even a graph database! Our architectures are reactive, realtime and scale horizontally or vertically to monumental heights with distributed systems and micro services.

A distributed architecture demands state of the art tools. We deploy quickly and orchestrate our cloud native services through containerisation tools and continuous integration. Our favourite choice of hosts on the cloud are Linode and AWS. We can also go serverless and get a system up and running very quickly.


We don’t claim perfection in one go but we know how to get there. We usually bubble up all our anomalies and monitor them closely even from another continent. That is how we are able to fix them quickly as possible because the first part of fixing an anomaly is getting to know about it.

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