How do I use the Employer App


The employer app allows small business to track attendance and generate time reports of their employees all using one single android phone. This app turns a mobile phone into a walking console – employees check-in on the phone, and check-out on it.

Unlike other digital attendance apps which require multiple phones, or have a ton of features most businesses don’t need, the employer app is an intuitive and practical solution for all small businesses who need to track hours or days attendance for their employees.

The employer app works in a very simple manner. Employer creates an account with the app entering basic details of his business, an email address where he wants weekly, biweekly or monthly reports to be sent to and details of his employees. Each employee is identified by a code that he has to enter to checkin or check out. Everytime an employee starts work, he checks in using his code, and when he leaves work, he checks out from the app. The app does rest of the work by calculating the number of hours each employee worked and sending report of that right into the employers email. In the email, the employer can see how many hours/day each employee worked and right there generate the amount of money that he needs to pay by entering the hourly or daily pay rate.

Here is a step by step guide how to use the app:

  1. Download and install app. This app is an android app and is available on the google playstore for FREE at
  2. If you do not have an account, create account
    1. Enter Business Name, Phone, Email (this is where your salary report is sent),  and company address.
    2. Select Salary Report option. You can choose to get the reports of time entered and salary to be given out on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis
    3. Choose the date of each month you wish to receive your reports.
    4. Select a username and password that is easy to remember and will be only accessible to the Manager/Employer.
    5. You can change these settings in Your Profile later as well.
  3. If you already have an account Sign In. Enter the username and password that you used when you created your account on employer app.  If you forgot your password, click the forgot password link on the login screen and select reset password. New password will be sent to your email.
  4. After login, you will see the dashboard screen. This screen shows today’s date and current time.  There are these options under the time screen
    1. Check in/out : this is where employees check in/out.  Clicking on this opens the check in/out screen.
    2. The next option shows the total number of employees that have logged in today.
    3. The third option shows the employees that are currently logged into the app.
    4. Under this is the attendance bar showing the percentage of employees that are currently logged in compared to the total number of employees added to the system.
  5. Adding Employees:
    1. Click on the three dots on the right corner of your app, and click Add Employee.
    2. In the Add employee screen, enter details: Name, designation and phone number.
    3. You will be required to enter your password to confirm that only admin can add employees to the system.
    4. Once an employee is added, the system will generate an employee code, e.g. 160AA. This is the code that employee uses to check-in and check-out.
  6. How Employees Check in/out
    1. On the dashboard, employee clicks the check in/out button.
    2. It opens the check in/out screen.  Employee enters his code e.g. 160AA here and clicks PUNCH. Based on whether this is the first time the employee is entering his code on this day, or the second time – the app will save the option as checked in time or checkout time.
    3. Thus, hours worked by the employee are saved into the system.
  7. Generate Hours. You can see hours worked by any employee for a specific time duration anytime using the app. To do so, 
    1. Click on the alarm clock icon in the top right corner
    2. It opens the generate hours screen
    3. Enter information about the employee you want to generate report for – employee name (as you type, all employees with names starting with the alphabets will showing so you can select)
    4. Enter date from and date to for which you want to generate the report and click SUBMIT button.
    5. You will be able to see the number of days and number of hours put in by the specific employee
  8. My Profile: Accessible from the menu, you can see and edit your company profile from here. To make changes, click on the pen icon at the end of the screen.
  9. My Employees. This screen shows list of all employees that you have added to the system. You can sort the employee list based on their name (alphabetical order) or the date added to the system (hired). For each employee, you can click on the arrow on the right side (click again to hide these) to show options to
    1. Edit the details of the employee,
    2. generate hours or
    3. remove the employee from the system (use this option with caution as you will not be able to access any information about this employee including previous hours entered)
  10. Options. This screen accessible from the right corner (three dots), shows various other options available to you as an employer:
    1. Edit Profile
    2. Automatic Sign Out: This options automatically signs out employees at a specific time that you choose. For example office always closes at 6:00 p.m. and to ensure that no employee forgets to sign out (leading to wrong hours calculated), the system automatically signs out all employees at this time. You can choose
      • Global Sign out for all days: If selected, EVERY DAY, at the time entered, all employees will be signed out of the system.
      • Day wise sign out: You can select different time for different days of the week. This way, based on your settings, the employees can be signed out at different times on different days of the week. E.g. On Saturdays, if the office only has half-days, you can enter a different time for logging out the employees.
    3. Change Password:This option allows you to change your password. To change password, you must enter your existing password first. This ensures your employees dont change your company password by mistake.
    4. Invite Friends: If you like using Employer and have found it useful to manage employee hours, feel free to click the share option and share information about the employer app with them.
    5. Report a problem. You can click here to report problem to use via whatsapp at our number +91 700 600 1600 , or email us at [email protected] to report any issues.
    6. Send Feedback: You can click here to report problem to use via whatsapp at our number +91 700 600 1600 , or email us at [email protected] to report any issues.
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    8. Other options available:
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