How do I use the Employer App

Introduction The employer app allows small business to track attendance and generate time reports of their employees all using one single android phone. This app turns a mobile phone into a walking console – employees check-in on the phone, and check-out on it. Unlike other digital attendance apps which require multiple phones, or have a … Read more

To React or to Flutter

At GraphicWeave, we have extensively used React Native as our choice for app development. Development with React Native gave us the edge as we reduced app development time, and were able to meet our client’s expectations with reduced costs for the overall project. But, at GraphicWeave, we do not like to stay in our comfort … Read more

Ready for a job you love?

Ready for a job you love? We strive for a good work-life balance and participate in interesting and creative projects outside of client work to expand our abilities. Working at GraphicWeave is pretty cool. Not only do you get to work with smart, funny people who love what they do, but we also take care … Read more

Why we decided to take a go at GO :)

Golang or Go has grown over the past couple of years as a programming language of choice for cloud based applications. The reasons being simple – authority of simultaneous operations and the excellence of its development. At GraphicWeave, realizing its significant advantages, among which one of the most important is the high processing speed, we … Read more

We are hiring!

GraphicWeave is hiring! Call for a UI/UX designer! We, at GraphicWeave are looking for someone who’ll design the face of our products. If you have that eye for detail and can deliver quality mockups for our websites and mobile apps, please feel free to join us and work with passion in an environment where no … Read more

JavaScript Style Guide.


If you’re like me, you earn your bread by writing JavaScript; Sometimes really good JavaScript and sometimes, JavaScript full of codesmell. Folks, it’s about time we make use of something called as a style guide for our JavaScript (and React if you’re into React/Vue or other big guns). But first things first. WHY THE HELL DO … Read more

You sell a great product, but does it look great?

You have on average 4 SECONDS to grab attention on a shelf, be different!!! Packaging is constantly evolving, it has become much more than just a box to protect its contents. Product packaging has become a way to stand out against your competition, attract new customers, and a great way to communicate with consumers. Your … Read more

Why you need a good website

In a world where people stay online for most of the day, a standard website is just not enough. Depending on the product, maximum consumers visit a company’s or service provider’s website before making a purchase. And as more and more consumers make decisions based on their online experience, the appearance, usability, and accessibility of … Read more

2016 Free Printable Calendar

Happy New Year 1437! To celebrate on our 6th birthday, and to help you stay more organized, we here share with you a monthly calendar for October 2015 to December 2016. The calendar is more like a planner with big squares so you can jot down your notes. Feel free to print, use and share! … Read more

Opportunities and hurdles in Fashion and textile industry

Greater Kashmir, June 2015 Continuing with fortnightly series of start-up workshops, the Silk Route group today conducted its second event focused on business opportunities and hurdles in Fashion and Textile industry.The workshop was conducted at 7c’s café n fine dine – Sangarmaal Shopping complex with knowledge support from J&K Bank and JKEDI. A number of … Read more