To React or to Flutter

At GraphicWeave, we have extensively used React Native as our choice for app development. Development with React Native gave us the edge as we reduced app development time, and were able to meet our client\’s expectations with reduced costs for the overall project.

But, at GraphicWeave, we do not like to stay in our comfort zone. We spread our wings and learn new things. So with Flutter, let\’s see if we should flutter our wings!

Let\’s quickly take a look at their github repositories. React Native has more stars, and yes we can see more developers being comfortable with it. This is obvious as React Native is much older and has been used extensively by programmers across the globe.

A quick look at Google Trends, comparing React and Flutter to other hybrid development tools shows that while interest for both has been growing, React Native is certainly the most searched for among all the tools!

A quick comparison of both the platforms gives us the best features of both and the challenges with using either of these.

FlutterReact Native
Initial Release
UI BlocksProprietary Widgets, stimulated via SkiaNative components for Android and iOS
CommunityGrowing community, but still smallHuge clientele and community support
Hot ReloadYes, stateful hot reload. Yes
Development TimePromises reduced timeReduced Time – tried and tested
Programming LanguageDartJavaScript – most popular language in 2018
3rd party librariesMany availableLot more than Flutter
Code Re-usabilityBetter option, allows overwriting the codeLimited re-usability
Coding StructurePoorWell Organised
DocumentationOrganised and well documentedHaphazard and disorganised
Wider range of IDEsLimited IDE\’s
Supported byGoogleFacebook
Used byAlibaba, Hamilton, JDFinanceFacebook, Bloomberg, AirBnB


We will stick to React Native as our primary tool for hybrid mobile app development. However, we will use Flutter in apps where it fits better with the needs of the app — as it brings with it, advantages which cannot be ignored.

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